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RAW Adventures - Lou Beetlestone

Lou Beetlestone

Lou is a full-time outdoor instructor, with a passion for mountain running, climbing and alpine mountaineering, holding the reputable Winter Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor qualification. She has a range of mountain and water qualifications and a number of physical achievements tucked under her belt, including solo/pairs wins in UK mountain marathons, a Paddy Buckley Round completion in 2018 and a solo, unsupported Welsh 3000s round in under 8.5 hours.

In 2019, Lou was part of the first all-female team planning to climb all the Alpine 4000m peaks, in one summer season. Ask her about that amazing adventure when you see her! 2019 and 2021 also saw Lou working on the Event Team for the Dragon's Back Race®, as well as guiding on many Official Recce Events in 2021. 2022 will be her year to finally stand in Conwy Castle as a Dragon's Back Race® runner.

RAW Adventures - Jade Phillips

Jade Phillips

Jade loves to run long distances, as well as climb and trail run in the hills and mountains of the UK, and overseas when she can travel. Jade mixes her love of the outdoors working as a Mountain Leader (often run-guiding!) and a Rock Climbing Instructor, with her passion for conservation in other community work in Wales. Jade guided on numerous Official Recce Events in 2021 and has worked on the Dragon's Back Race® Event Team in 2019 and 2021, sharing responsibilities between the Checkpoint Team and Wrangling Teams (‘wrangling’ = solving challenges en-route to ensure logical and safe progression for runners during the race!).

Jade volunteers time towards her local Aberdyfi Mountain Rescue team in Mid Wales, near her base just north of Aberystwyth. Her local hills are the Cambrian Mountains, so she’s familiar with much of the Day 3 and Day 4 route, and enjoys racing in her local hills.

RAW Adventures - Mike Murray

Mike Murray

Mike loves anything that involves being in the mountains, from walking and mountain running to climbing and ski touring, across the world. He is working towards his International Mountain Leader qualification currently. Mike particularly enjoys long mountain journeys and in 2018 he planned and completed a continuous 550-mile route across all 190 mountains of Wales – yes, that’s right! Mike also completed the Dragon's Back Race® in 2019, and finished the Summer Spine race in 2021.

In addition to his experience as a runner in the Dragon's Back Race®, Mike has also worked on the Event Team’s Checkpoint Team in 2021, and is very familiar with the route, from placing all those small, orange flags along the way! Mike guided on a number of Official Recce Events in 2021 and this excellent experience has given him a huge insight into many aspects of the Dragon's Back Race®.

RAW Adventures - Katie Cole

Katie Cole

Katie has enjoyed running and working in North Wales for the last 7 years, mixing her skills as a Mountain Leader, Running Guide and Sports Massage Therapist. She also volunteers time towards her local Aberdyfi Mountain Rescue Team, using her mountain skills and previous medical experience to help others. As well enjoying personal running and racing in the quiet hills of Mid Wales, Katie completed the 2019 Dragon's Back Race® and came across the line in 6th female place.

In 2021, she guided on a number of Official Recce Events and enjoyed introducing runners to the Dragon's Back Race® route and the spectacular mountains and trails that she loves. Katie has also worked on the First Response Team for various Ourea Events races and knows how large-scale events work from both sides.

RAW Adventures - Joe Faulkner

Joe Faulkner

Joe is great friends with the Dragon's Back Race® with completions of 4 events spanning 25 years – including the original 1992 course. He has a very strong history of fell and ultra-running, as well as competing in numerous adventure and expedition races. His experience as an off-road runner, mountaineer and mountain skills educator is highly respected in many outdoor circles and Joe will always pass on excellent advice based on years of experience.

Joe also knows how many expedition races and events run from the other side, too – having organised his own races and worked on the Safety Team for many Ourea Events courses. With a variety of outdoor qualifications, ranging from Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor, Winter Mountain Leader to Rope Access Technician and Safety Manager, Joe’s experience is diverse and always helpful on the hill.

RAW Adventures - Becki Penrose

Becki Penrose

Becki works as a full-time outdoor professional, in the UK and overseas. She loves being in the mountains either on foot or on skis. Becki’s favourite days out are spent moving efficiently and navigating independently through the mountain environment. She really loves her work opportunities to guide and support others in developing their mountain skills and trail running both in the UK and the Alps.

Becki has completed various ultra-distance mountain races, including the Snowdonia 50 (err, actually 58 miles?!), UTMB CCC, Eiger Ultra 50k, Cheviot Goat Winter Ultra and took part in the Dragon's Back Race® in 2021. Unfortunately, an injury prevented a successful completion of the full Dragon's Back Race® event, but she fell in love with the route and plans many re-visits, whether supporting other #DragonsInTraining, or for another race attempt in the future.

RAW Adventures - Tim Laney

Tim Laney

Tim holds extensive experience as a Mountain Leader, International Mountain Leader and ultra-runner. As well as working across continents with diverse expedition groups, Tim has completed numerous iconic races across different countries, including the Dragon's Back Race®, Tor des Geants, UTMR, UTMB, Hardrock and Grand Raid des Pyrenees, as well as UK mountain marathons and personal running adventures. And this doesn’t include the time he spends physically and logistically supporting others in their attempts on classic UK running rounds and ‘FKTs’.

Drawn from his numerous personal and professional journeys, Tim has an enviable and thorough knowledge of the Welsh mountains and what makes for enjoyable and successful multi-day mountain running, which will be invaluable during the upcoming 2022 Official Recce Events.

RAW Adventures - Kate Worthington

Kate Worthington

Kate is an experienced mountain runner, navigator and RAW Running Guide and loves exploring and racing in new and high mountains on foot. Her favourite type of running is following contours and shapes, to create her own journeys from point to point, or enjoying many classic, ‘long fell races’ in the UK. She has guided many runners on UK based adventures, including the first female team to complete a FKT on the Hebridean Way in 2019.

Kate is a Winter Mountain Leader, a UK Athletics Fell and Trail Leader in Running Fitness and guided on every Dragon's Back Race® Recce Event in 2019 and multiple Official Recce Events in 2020/2021. Kate has also worked on the Dragon's Back Race® Event Team in 2015, 2017 and 2019.

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RAW Adventures are proud to be an Event Partner of the Dragon's Back Race®. We provide Official Recce Events for this legendary 6 day mountain ultra-running journey.



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