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RAW Adventures - Dragon's Back Race
RAW Adventures - Dragon's Back Race
RAW Adventures - Dragon's Back Race
RAW Adventures - Dragon's Back Race
RAW Adventures - Dragon's Back Race

Official Recce Events increase knowledge and confidence, whilst preparing for the Dragon's Back Race®. They provide specific mountain skills and running training with other runners...get involved!

RAW Adventures are proud to be an Event Partner of the Dragon's Back Race®. We are providing Official Recce Events for the September 2022 edition of this legendary 6 day mountain ultra-running journey. We enjoyed delivering successful Recce Events for the 2021 Dragon's Back Race® and here’s what runners told us...

Great day out with Kate on part of DBR Day 1. Enjoyed rain, hail, snow(!) ... and then more hail. Poor visibility added to the challenge...but Kate made it a great learning experience for kit choices, navigation, moving on technical ground. A real confidence boost. Thanks Kate. Thoroughly recommend RAW Adventures recces.

Caroline - May 2021

It was such a useful and enjoyable experience, in very good company, and leaving me with lots to think about and work on before September. Just in terms of confidence on the course alone, it was invaluable. With all your help and support, I feel a little bit more prepared - though I've come home and made a long list.

Matt - June 2021

I can honestly say I have had an amazing few days out on the hills with you, Lou and others over the last few weeks. You are all so professional, patient, tolerant and just so friendly (and non-judgmental when people ask lots of questions!) If miracles happen and I make it to Cardiff to collect my Dragon, you will have definitely been part of that reason.

Sophie - August 2021

These Official Recce Events are open to ANYONE interested in learning more about the Dragon’s Back Race® route now, or for the future. You do not need to be a current race entrant to join our Recce Events.

Official Recce Events for all runners

Mountain Skills for Dragons

2 days

A certified personal skills course from Mountain Training covering all aspects of skills and safety to help plan and execute adventures in our UK mountains. This 16-hour course covers planning, kit, weather, navigation, the mountain environment, movement skills and dealing with emergencies. A perfect two days for Dragons looking to increase their personal mountain skills to become more confident and self-sufficient in the hills.

Dragon Navigation - Get Savvy!

1 Day

A focused day getting to grips with the Dragon's Back Race® event map and navigation skills; picking out key strategies and techniques to help recognise map and land features, plan and follow short route legs, identify terrain around you and increase confidence at keeping on track during your day’s running. Mostly taken at walking pace, the days cover essential skills for #DragonsInTraining when planning personal recces and participating in the event itself.

All Pace Highlights

1 Day

These days focus on highlights of the Dragon's Back Race® route, covering slightly less mileage at an inclusive pace, but no less punch in terms of terrain and ascent. Expect to cover 2-3 summits in a day, depending on terrain, to understand how the route weaves in and out of more complex landscapes and meet some amazing Welsh mountains and hills for the first time. Days will be taken at walking/easy running pace; so quite mixed, relaxed and fun!


Technical Dragons

1 or 2 Days

Our most popular Official Recce Events days! These outings focus on the more technical aspects of the Dragon's Back Race® route, during Day 1 and Day 2 of the route. Expect routes to cover summits of Tryfan, Crib Goch, Snowdon and Y Lliwedd, taken at a steady pace to allow runners to focus on movement skills, route finding and recognising and managing hazards. Excellent preparation for building confidence in more complex mountainous terrain.

Dragon Run Recces

1 Day

Longer Recce Events outings that cover up to half or whole days of the Dragon's Back Race® route as it progresses south through Wales. A consistent run and walk pace is required to move through the terrain, attempting to emulate the speed of travel required for the long days of this event. Travelling as a small, well-managed team is great for building confidence, learning skills and chatting with others. Travel and logistics are professionally organised: just turn up and enjoy!


These Dragon’s Back Race® Recce Events are managed and delivered by RAW Adventures, an Event Partner to race organiser, Ourea Events. RAW Adventures Director and experienced Winter Mountain Leader, Kate Worthington has worked on the Dragon's Back Race® as part of its complex and dynamic event team in 2015, 2017 and 2019. Her Event Team roles have included managing the welfare of Runners and Event Team, developing landowner relationships, checking route access, monitoring mountain safety logistics and a member of the First Response Team. In 2021 she chose to experience the event from the runner’s side and will be standing in Conwy Castle on Monday 6 September, ready to start the 6 day mountain running journey that is the iconic Dragon's Back Race®...

RAW Adventures - Kate running Tryfan

Kate is an experienced mountain runner, navigator and RAW Running Guide and loves exploring mountainous places on foot. She is also a UK Athletics Fell and Trail Leader in Running Fitness (FT LiRF) and is working towards her Fell and Trail Coach in Running Fitness qualification (FT CiRF).

Kate guided on every Dragon's Back Race® Recce Event, organised by Ourea Events, in 2019 and multiple Official Recce Events in 2020/2021, and has a detailed knowledge of the most up to date race route. For the 2021/2022 Recce Events, Kate will also be joined by qualified Mountain Leaders, Instructors and RAW Running Guides, who also have direct experience of either working within the Dragon's Back Race® Event Team or running in the event as a participant.

RAW Adventures - Runners together

All RAW Running Guides love taking their running into the hills and mountains of the UK and beyond. They are keen mountain/ultra-runners, walkers and race competitors, competent in mountain navigation and personal mountain running skills…you’ll be in excellent company and have no shortage of advice and support as you prepare for your Dragon’s Back Race®.

Don't just take our word for it...

An amazing recce with Kate from RAW Adventures today of D1 from CP12 down to Camp 1. Weather was perfect, great scrambling over Crib Goch, thank you Kate for your patience. Highly recommend these recces lots of great tips and highlighting things I need to work on!

Nichola - April 2021

Fantastic day recce’ing the first part of Day 3 over Cadair Idris with RAW Adventures. In parts like an SAS survival course with 50mph gusts, horizontal hail, and a hood buzzing at resonant frequency around my ears. In part beautiful sunlit valleys and astounding views. Thanks to the wonderful Kate, Nonny the great (dog) companion, and Tim and Angus for the great company. Top day, and doing wonders for the confidence!

Martyn - May 2021

Having attended recce days for DBR days 1&3, I would like say thank you for a wonderful time (even with the biblical weather on day 1). Lou, Mike and Jade were each extremely knowledgeable, and had great area and terrain insight to share with the groups. The groups had a variety of abilities but you somehow managed to keep it all functioning and moving along to everyone's satisfaction, great skills. Can't wait to get on the next day. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to upskill and/or familiarise themselves with the outdoors.

Steve - May 2020

This series of Official Recce Events have been designed to focus on the skills and experience runners want to develop – based on feedback from 2019 and 2021 Recce Events. Most events are 1 Day itineraries, allowing you to be flexible with your own travel and accommodation planning. Some are 2 Day itineraries that require attendance on both days to really benefit from input given and the experience that can be gained. Advice will be given on where best to find accommodation for any Recce Events.

We undertake regular reviews to facilitate these Recce Events to a high standard, in light of ongoing considerations of ‘living with’ coronavirus in outdoor settings and subsequent event logistics. Hence we continue to provide many 1 Day Recce Events, which rely less on large, group accommodation and group travel solutions. We will consistently review and adapt our operations in light of ongoing health and government advice.

RAW Adventures will provide an excellent ratio of specifically experienced and qualified RAW Running Guides to allow safe and logical progression in the hills. These Official Recce Events are designed and managed as ‘guided’ events, where you can be sure of professional and seamless organisation, clarity of objectives and a feeling of being well supported and included. Teams will move together; increasing levels of safety, the ability to manage transport logistics and timings and encouraging runners to find genuine ‘running partners’ and contacts for the 2022 Dragon's Back Race® and beyond.

RAW Adventures - Runners at Cairn
RAW Adventures - Runners together
RAW Adventures - Runners briefing
RAW Adventures - Runner with map
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Mountain Skills for Dragons

2 Days

Price: £130.00 per person

Dragon Navigaton - Get Savvy!

1 Day

Price: £60.00 per person

All Pace Highlights

1 Day

Price: £70.00 per person


Technical Dragons

1 or 2 Days

Price: £80.00 / £130.00 per person

Dragon Run Recces

1 Day

Price: £80.00 per person


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Quite often we run 1 Day events together so you can choose to attend for 1 or 2 days in a row.

Recce Event costs include:

  • 1-3 RAW Running Guides, depending on group size/terrain
  • Arranged car parking in an appropriate area (*charges may apply)
  • Time taken to plan route/transport/resource arrangements to meet Recce Event objectives
  • Transport logistics and costs to accommodate linear routes
  • Group safety equipment and communications
  • Valley support/driver and transport in certain locations
  • Planning and preparation to ensure the best route is achieved in forecasted conditions
  • Excellent Dragon's Back Race® knowledge and advice
  • Copies of all photos taken by RAW Running Guides
  • RAW Adventures/Wales themed Multifunctional Headwear item
  • Access to RAW Official Dragon's Back Race® Recce Events ‘WhatsApp’ groups for ongoing support
  • A great running experience in Wales with other #DragonsInTraining!
RAW Adventures - Buff Headwear

Recce Event costs do not include:

  • Personal running kit and equipment
  • Personal map and/or compass/GPS device
  • Mountain running food/drink
  • Personal and travel insurance
  • Car park/accommodation costs (if applicable)

I joined RAW Adventures Recce Events, Day 1 & 3. Kate, Lou, Mark and Jade and other Dragons supported me. I learnt a lot and had great time. I really recommend RAW Adventures; lots of tips and advice. Thank you so much for your support!

Emiko - May 2021

Many thanks for an excellent weekend covering Day 3 of the Dragon’s Back Race. Expert guidance and guiding in a very friendly and relaxed environment. Jade and Mike were very helpful and good company too. I would certainly recommend you for future recces.

Tim - May 2021

I'd just like to say a huge thank you to Kate and Lou for a great day out, it was great fun, and invaluable too...also great to meet up with some other DBR entrants. Lots of really good advice and tips; the wind, cloud and rain made the day even more invaluable!

Samantha - May 2021

RAW Adventures - Dragon's Back Race logo

RAW Adventures are proud to be an Event Partner of the Dragon's Back Race®. We are providing Official Recce Events for the September 2022 edition of this legendary 6 day mountain ultra-running journey.



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