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RAW Adventures - Dragon's Back Race
RAW Adventures - Dragon's Back Race
RAW Adventures - Dragon's Back Race
RAW Adventures - Dragon's Back Race
RAW Adventures - Dragon's Back Race

RAW Adventures are pleased to announce official provision of guided race Recce Events for the September 2021 and 2022 editions of the Dragon's Back Race®.

1 and 2 Day Recce Events to increase knowledge and confidence of the Dragon's Back Race® and help you train with other runners and have fun!

These Recce Events are open to ANYONE interested in learning more about the Dragon’s Back Race route. You do not need to be a race entrant to join our Recce Events.

These Dragon’s Back Race® Recce Events will be managed by RAW Adventures, working in partnership with race organiser Ourea Events. RAW Adventures Director and experienced Mountain Leader, Kate Worthington has worked on the Dragon's Back Race® as part of its complex and dynamic event team in 2015, 2017 and 2019. Her Event Team roles have included managing the welfare of Runners and Event Team, developing landowner relationships, checking route access, monitoring mountain safety logistics and a member of the First Response Team.

RAW Adventures - Kate running Tryfan

Kate is also an experienced mountain runner, navigator and running guide and loves exploring mountainous places on foot. She is also a British Athletics Fell and Trail Leader in Running Fitness (FT LiRF) having completed a Fell Runners Association course and working towards her Fell and Trail Coach in Running Fitness qualification (FT CiRF).

Kate guided on every Dragon's Back Race® Recce Event in 2019 and has a detailed knowledge of the most up to date race route. She will also be joined by fellow qualified Mountain Leaders, who also have direct experience of either working within the Event Team or running the event as a participant.

RAW Adventures - Runners together

All RAW Adventures Recce Event Mountain Leaders are keen mountain runners and racers, and competent in mountain navigation and personal running skills. You’ll have no shortage of advice and support as you prepare for your Dragon’s Back Race®.

This series of Recce Events have been designed to focus on where runners want to spend the most time – based on feedback from 2019 Recce Events. Many events are 1 Day itineraries, allowing you to be flexible with your own travel and accommodation planning. Some are 2 Day events, with organised accommodation in between, so long race days can be broken down into sections over consecutive days.

We have undertaken an in-depth review to enable us to facilitate these Recce Events, in light of recent and ongoing restrictions and considerations of the management of coronavirus in outdoor settings and event logistics. Hence we have arranged more 1 Day events which rely less on large, group accommodation and group travel. We will consistently review and adapt our operations in light of ongoing health and government advice.

RAW Adventures will provide an excellent ratio of Mountain Leaders to allow safe and logical progression in the hills. These Recce Events are designed and managed as ‘guided’ events. Teams of runners and Mountain Leaders will move together; increasing levels of safety, the ability to manage transport logistics and timings and encouraging runners to find genuine ‘running partners’ and contacts for the 2021 and 2022 Dragon's Back Race® and beyond.

RAW Adventures - Runners at Cairn
RAW Adventures - Runners together
RAW Adventures - Runners briefing
RAW Adventures - Runner with map

1 Day Recce Event

Price: £85.00 per person

Sometimes we run 1 Day events together so you can choose to attend for 1 or 2 days in a row.

Costs include:

  • 2-3 Mountain Leaders depending on group size/terrain
  • Arranged car parking in an appropriate area (charges may apply)
  • Transport logistics if required (to drop you off or pick you up from the running route)
  • Group safety equipment and radio communications
  • Valley support/driver and transport
  • Planning and preparation to ensure the best route is achieved in forecasted conditions
  • Excellent Dragon's Back Race® knowledge and advice
  • A great running experience in Wales with other Dragons in training!

2 Day Recce Event

Price: £225.00 per person

Costs inclusive of 1 Day Recce Events PLUS:

  • 1 x night accommodation in excellent quality hostels or bunkhouses
  • Baggage transfer to overnight destination
  • Arrangement of 1 x evening meal and 1 x breakfast option (costs paid directly on the event)

Event costs do not include:

  • Personal running training or race kit
  • Personal map and/or compass/GPS device
  • Mountain running food/drink
  • Day 1 evening meal (we have a mixture of self-catering, pub meals or catered options available)
  • Day 2 breakfast (we have a mixture of self-catering or catered options available)
  • Personal and travel insurance
  • Towels and bedding (if not provided by accommodation)
RAW Adventures - Dragon's Back Race logo

RAW Adventures are pleased to announce official provision of guided race Recce Events for the September 2021 and 2022 editions of the Dragon's Back Race®.



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